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Edition 2020

Entry conditions

Extract from the general regulation

Participants must

  • be 18 or over
  • be students in  a higher-education institution, or have completed their studies less than 2 years ago
  • have an accident insurance
  • have a liability insurance (“assurance de responsabilité civile”)

If someone has been studying ni several institutions, he/she can choos which he/she would like to represent. The choice is final. It then defines his/her affiliation to the institution.

A participant can only register in one sport. It is possible to register a team composed in part of particpants from other institutions, under the following rules :

  • For badminton, climbing, fencing, table tennis, a team must be composed only of students from the represented institution.
  • For a sport in which substitues are allowed (basketball, football, volleyball, ultimate) : a team representing an institution mustbe composed of only participants from this institution (defined in the previous paragraph), without counting the substitutes
  • For a sport for which a team can be composed of a flexible number of participants on the field (athletics, swimming), the number of participants from the represented institution must at least be equal to the required minimum number of members per team in this sport.