Is it possible to participate in several sports?

No, as the qualifying tournaments take place on the whole day of Saturday, it is not possible to combine several sports.

I am no longer a student, can I still participate?

Yes, it is possible to participate up to 3 years after graduation.

Can I create a team with friends from other universities?

Depending on the sport you choose, this is possible, but it is clearly stated in our rules under "2.1 Participation conditions". The team can only be affiliated to one university.

How do I register?

The “Team Managers” register themselves by creating an account on the site. Once the registration is validated (be patients), they register the member(s) of their team(s). To add members to their team: "Members" > "New athlete", then, "Teams" > "Add a player" to assign athletes to their team(s). To complete the registration: “Teams” > tick the box of the team(s) you want to pay for in the left column > “Pay” button. Registrations and payments must be completed before 8 October!

In case of injury or unforeseen circumstances that prevent me from participating in the Students' Games, can I get my registration fee refunded?

In the event of injury or unforeseen circumstances, it is possible to make a last minute replacement only by writing an email to info@studentsgames.ch and keeping the same formula (see Rules, 2.6). In case of force majeure, a refund of part or all of the registration fee is possible, without any obligation on the part of the organising committee (see Rules 2.7).

Can a friend who is not a student or has graduated more than 3 years ago participate?

No, you must be a student or have graduated less than 3 years ago.

Is there a vegetarian/vegan option for the meals?

Yes, our meals will be entirely vegetarian. This choice is motivated by our work to make the Students' Games a more environmentally friendly event. We offer gluten-free and vegan options.

What happens in case of bad weather for outdoor sports?

Due to space and venue constraints, the outdoor sports (athletics, football, rugby, orienteering, tennis) will continue to be held despite bad weather. In case of dangerous weather, tournaments may be cancelled or the format adapted.

Is there an age limit for participation?

The minimum age is 18 and there is no maximum age.

I'm sleeping at the campsite. Do I have to bring my tent and do I have to pay for transport between the campsite and the sports centre on Friday and Sunday?

Tents are provided. However, participants should bring their own mattress, sleeping bag and warm clothes. Transport costs are covered by the SGs; all participants will be given a transport ticket valid for the whole weekend on arrival.

If I have any problems or questions during the event, who can I contact and where can I get help?

The information stand at the entrance to SOS 2 is open all weekend. A committee member can be reached at any time and his or her number is on the badges distributed at the start of the weekend. You can contact your sport manager. If he/she has not already contacted you, you will find his/her email address on our website, in the rules of the sport you are participating in.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, a sportsman/team cannot participate in the tournament. Who should be notified?

Before the tournament starts, contact info@studentsgames.ch During the tournament, please contact the sport manager present on the Whatsapp groups.

Will there be parking on site?

It is recommended to use public transport. There is a car park at the sports centre (paying) and the car parks of EPFL (free on weekends) and UNIL (white zone).

I am a staff and I would like to participate as an athlete, do I still have to pay?

Yes, but for the staffing there will be a thank you party organised!

What way of payment can I use during the event?

The payment of drinks and snacks is usually done in cash (EUR are accepted at a 1:1 rate). An ATM is available at the entrance of the sport center. Payment by twint is possible as well.

I cannot be there on Friday night. Can a teammate do the chek-in on my behalf ?

In case of an impediment, a teammate can exceptionally take your starter pack and badge for you but you should notify us by mail.
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